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  1. Home Run Derby: Who Should Participate? has a poll up asking fans to vote for who they'd like to see in the annual Home Run Derby, with results "in no way" determining which players actually take part in the event. It's a start, I guess, that they let us vote for this, seeing that we can't even vote for pitchers in the All-Star game.

    Now if you want to vote for the .176-hitting Carlos Pena, go right ahead. If you want to vote for the ...
  2. My 2010 summer TV list

    I'm a huge fan of television; and as you all know, summer is always the best place to catch up on stuff you just haven't had time to watch during the year. Here are the shows I'm planning to watch during the 2010 summer season.

    Mad Men - I've just finished the DVD of season 1 of Mad Men and have two seasons to go before the new season begins on July 25. That gives me just a little over two months to watch two dozen or so hour-long episodes and I think I can do it. The first season started ...
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  3. An update on the Canadians

    How are the Canadian baseball players doing so far in the 2010 season? Let's examine.

    Joey Votto

    (Toronto, ON)

    Votto is enjoying his usual decent season as the mainstay in the Reds lineup. He has played in all 28 of the team's games to this point and his numbers are right in line ...
  4. DirtyKash ranks the 10 Canadian Provinces

    I will now reveal my unbiased rankings of the 10 Canadian provinces from worst to best.

    10. Manitoba - Like, seriously. What is there in Manitoba that's noteworthy? Nothing. Nothing whatsoever. Manitoba has way too many lakes, it's always cold and boring. They used to have the Winnipeg Jets, but they moved. They have the CFL's Blue Bombers, but that team always stinks and their uniforms are ugly. Also, I once spent 3 days in Winnipeg and nearly died of boredom.


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  5. 5 Old Guys Who Aren't Finished Just Yet

    1. Andruw Jones - Say what!? Fat Andruw Jones homered again last night, his 4th of the season already, and it was a monster off of David Price. Andruw is now hitting .323 on the season. He's been hitting in the middle of the White Sox lineup and if he can just stay around baseball for, say, 3 more years (not a given seeing what happened to Jermaine Dye, but I think Andruw is willing to settle for less money), a run at the 500-home run club isn't out of the question. Andruw has 392 career ...

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