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    Your mama
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    Yeah, the ump was getting plenty of hate throughout the game. And I got to my seat right when Votto was getting booted.

    As for beer, for some reason wasn't thinking about it. The gigantic bucket of lemon Italian ice was certainly appreciated though.
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    No beer?
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    Wasn't this the game that Votto got ejected for arguing balls and strikes in the first inning I believe it was? The ump's strike zone was ridic.
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    I'll take it one step further. Why even have team wins? Just use run differential to determine who makes the playoffs. Pythagorean record FTW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by missionhockey21
    And yes, their performance for these individual games says quite a bit about the lineup they were facing, and not so much about LeCure.
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    True. You should see some of the comments made on Twitter about Cliff Lee. Like "I'd do anything for the M's to keep Lee." And I don't blame those fans at all.
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    It could have been worse. You could've gotten Cliff Lee last night lol.
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    Don't you just love the MLB draft when you can get the second best college pitcher with the 8th overall pick?
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    He will be giving Jason Heyward a run for his money in the ROY race. And has a nice head start on Stephen Strasburg for "best pitcher of the 2009 draft" honors.