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  1. DirtyKash's Avatar
    Well said.
  2. OrioleMagic's Avatar
    The article touches on how the entire game has changed. Pitchers have to bear down every single pitch due to the level of offensive talent in all slots in the lineup. I suspect PEDs might be factor as well.
  3. Porter's Avatar
    If pitchers from the 60 or 70s can go pitch 120-130 pitches a start. Why can't the more conditioned athletes of today can. Are they regressing in condition all of a sudden?
  4. OrioleMagic's Avatar
    The countdown to 100 pitches - ESPN

    I think this is one of the articles I was reading. The time frame is about right.
  5. Porter's Avatar
    How will they know if Stephen is ready if they don't let him loose. Sure they invested 15 M in him and all. But they made the decision to call him up this quickly.
  6. realmofotalk's Avatar
    I also only partially agree with you. On one hand, I agree with the sentiment. If a pitcher demonstrates over a period of time that he is not physically and mentally ready then he should GTFO and we'll move on without him. On the other hand, we should keep in mind in this case, the Nats have invested a ton of money for a 21 year old and they need his arm to be in good shape for years to come, so it's understandable why they would be cautious.
  7. Porter's Avatar
    They were both probably brought up to early as well. The babying destroyed Joba and Morrow's careers. You don't call up pitchers to baby them. Sorry its the MAJORS. Pitch like it. Its going to happen if they get pitched often or not. Stop being scared.
  8. OrioleMagic's Avatar
    There was a lengthy study on this that was on ESPN or BA a year or more ago. There were statistics about a manager who over-used young pitchers to their downfall. I might be wrong but I think it was the Cubbies when Baker or Baylor (I can't remember which) overused Wood, Prior, and others...
  9. Porter's Avatar
    They even plan on keeping him a strict innings count. Even if they are still in the race. Then if they wanted to keep a limit on him. Keep him in Syracuse. The Majors are for people who are physically ready to pitch. Not be babied.
  10. OrioleMagic's Avatar
    I only partially agree with this. I don't think it would have hurt Strasburg to stay in a particular game longer, but over the course of their first season... pitchers do need to build their endurance to the major league level. Minor leaguers only pitch X amount of innings per season which is significantly less than a solid MLB pitcher who is 180-220 IP per season. If the Nats want Strasburg to still be pitching effectively in September, then the manager did the right thing and pulled him early.
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    Oh and even if I might act pretentious about music on occasion, fly the "I listen to bands you've never even heard of" flag, I still love pop music.
  12. missionhockey21's Avatar
    Very much so Porter. My Mom and Dad were hippies, for real, not plastic hippies. My Dad played in some pretty successful local bands, bands that actually had some records pressed. His musical taste was classic 60's and 70's rock and as a guitarist, Hendrix and Clapton were heavy on the rotation whenever I went anywhere with him. My Mom was similar, but had a much broader musical scope, and from a young age I learned to love reggae, folk, psychedelic, country, classical, opera music and more.

    Wanting to like music beyond what they liked, I was into (and still am) punk. The older I have gotten though, I have found that those early experiences really shape the music I lean towards. Most would probably label my music comfort zone as somewhere in-between Pitchfork hipster and punk, but those genre variants I grow to love usually can be traced back to those sounds I first heard. Of course I am into a lot of stuff beyond what my parents might enjoy, but listening to music with my Mom when I was young, where she might play a Cat Stevens or Al Green record and then "Their Satanic Majesties Request" by the Rolling Stones and then maybe to finish it off with some Bob Marley and The Wailers, certainly gave me a desire to have a wide musical interest. I am convinced that when my friends check out my iPhone music, they can think I am both the coolest and lamest person they know.

    And I think my wide taste describes my personality in a lot of ways. For instance, I have my favorite sandwich I might get from one restaurant, just like how I can listen to Strawberry Fields Forever ANYTIME and love it, but then when I go get Thai food, I almost always try something new (even though I loved all the other dishes I got from the restaurant before.)
  13. DirtyKash's Avatar
    I agree with these rankings.
  14. Providence A's's Avatar
    They'll both be gone in a few years.
  15. Slyder's Avatar
    McDaniel doesnt have the job security to wait on Tebow to develop. Tebow better be at the apex or this "good fit" will turn out very badly.
  16. Porter's Avatar
    Mike Schooler was once saved 35 games for the M's. That tells you the fanatic that I am. I mean yeah he proved it for one season, but the M's haven't had a dominant closer for a sustained period of time like the likes of a Rivera, Hoffman or even Wagner. Sasaki is the best closer in M's history and he only was around for maybe 3-4 season. Also he was in the twilight of his career. I mean you might be right on Aardsma but you have to understand my reserve with him too.
  17. DirtyKash's Avatar
    You can't exactly be surprised by a guy who put up 38 saves starting the season by converting his saves. We know he can do it. He proved it already.
  18. Porter's Avatar
    Yeah but before that. What had he accomplished up to that point.
  19. DirtyKash's Avatar
    David Aardsma had 38 saves in 42 chances last season. He's not exactly an unknown.
  20. bcshorts's Avatar
    Heyward, easy. Much better chance of a sustained great career with a RF than a pitcher (Kerry Wood and Mark Prior just won't leave my mind). Both Heyward and Strasburg have outstanding potential, but Heyward just seems capable of having a dominant impact on the game for years. Strasburg isn't going to be throwing 100 forever. Also, I'm a Braves fan.
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