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    Quote Originally Posted by Porter
    PA and I are opposites when it comes to our league. But OOTP 8 is not as complex as it's perceived, it's just the fact that the people in our league have done about 1 billion seasons under many flavors of 6.5 combined. So it's to retrain our minds to think outside of the comfort zone.
    It's really not that way for me. It really is that it would require more time and effort on my part to really get into it. Now that my summer break is over, I just don't have the time or patience needed to be able to say that I gave it my best shot at competing.
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    Here are my thoughts on the AIM, PM, Facebook. You have to adapt to how those people do business when it comes to making trades. I know that Kingdom loves communicate via PM. Which is what I prefer because I'm at work a lot and while AIM might be on most of the time. People on PM's are straight and to the point, no filler. Kingdom, Hammer, Dave, Zodious, and Prov are extremely good via PM. Rarely does the PM's go over 5 total unless its a blockbuster deal in which I think it went 6. I know that Slyder, Leo, Prez, DMB, and CJ are better to trade via AIM. I will not use Facebook to make trades, that's not why I'm on it. I still get those messages in AIM but i personally hate it.

    You don't have to have all the ways of communication to make a trade. You have to be about to knowing your other GM's and how they like to make trades. Don't make a guy thats good at PM's make a trade via AIM or vice versa. This is why i've been able to make trades with several different people. Not everyone is the same. Would you make a power hitter run all the time?
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    Further note regarding AIM versus PMs

    If I have both available I prefer to use AIM. It's more instant communication and doesn't clog up my limited inbox capacity (an issue that's sure to become much more important when I take over MSL).

    With PM's I have to first refresh the page to find out I have one, then I have to make a few clicks to open the box, then I have to click on reply to to respond, then sit and wait for the other person to do the same. With AIM, the reply comes in then I just respond.

    Not as much of an issue with the 3-PM system (a term I just made up) that seems to work great with Kingdom trades, but not everybody negotiates the same way.

    Furthermore, using AIM (or Facebook) increases the availability of potential trade partners. People aren't always on the forums, but they may have their AIM continually logged on. I've worked trades via PM on plenty of occasions that started with an AIM message "Hey, I just sent you an offer at baseballslant, go check it".
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    As for JC, don't leave the league because of him. If someone (anyone) proves to be a real pain in the ass then they should be the one that leaves, not the one who is in it just to have fun.

    I'll give JC the benefit of the doubt right now and assume he was just venting and will get over it. That doesn't excuse his tirade, of course, but at the same time if he was just venting then maybe it won't happen again.
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    I totally get the confusion regarding not using the PM system here, Kingdom, but at the end of the day if you want something done you have to be the one who takes initiative.

    If you limit your options you limit your results.

    And yes, i can say the same to those who seem to not want to use PMs.
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    I guess I'm still relatively new when it comes to these sim leagues. I've only been in leagues for little over 2 years now. I was introduced to S3SL last year and took me month or two to get sucked in. Now I'm in every league. I'm somewhere in the middle paragraph that you just wrote Kingdom. I'm crazy addicted right now. When i get bored I look thru my teams. When I wake up in morning I browse forums and my teams some more. When my kids take a nap I browse my teams some more. Before I go to bed give my teams another scan. I own a shaved ice hut and when I'm working that thru the summer I'm pretty much writing down all my players ratings and trying to find the perfect lineup. It's pretty sad actually.

    now for paragraph 3. If someone is cheating or making multiple accounts or whatever then to me if they need to cheat at a computer game more power to them. Yea it would be annoying but I have more important things to worry about. As for trading.... I admit last summer I prolly traded with Zod more than anybody. But I was a trading machine and I didnt ignore or phase anybody out. The only reason I traded with Zod so much is because we worked together. We would talk about our teams like 8 hours a day. It made trading very easy with him because of how much we talked about the leagues. But this year I have different job so I didnt make near as many trades with him. I think I have traded with about everyone now that I think about it. you could even say I might be addicted to trading as well.

    I hope you all continue these leagues because to me they are still fun. League wouldnt be the same without the postings of Kingdom I've grown accustomed to over a year. But I do enjoy these leagues a lot. And of course I just won my 1st title so I'd like to add to the total.
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    PA and I are opposites when it comes to our league. But OOTP 8 is not as complex as it's perceived, it's just the fact that the people in our league have done about 1 billion seasons under many flavors of 6.5 combined. So it's to retrain our minds to think outside of the comfort zone. I did about 100 sim seasons before even deciding on the rules. I originally was going to do 4 divisions of 7 teams each with top 2 from each division getting in and a rule 5 draft. I scrapped it because it would have been impossible to explain it and have the draft pool done right. I've messed with 2 college and 2 high school feeder leagues, but it would have been another TBSL/SBSL talent wise. I've messed with the sliders, sim schedules to where I could stop at the ASG, deadline, roster expansion and splitting September up so players can make changes while in the race. I made sure that actual ratings in 8 were different and they are. A "5" rating in the PSL would be an 7/8 in any other league except HSL (due to the deeper talent pool. I like the fact that 8/9/10's are not as common.
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    Well if JC proves anything tonight.....everything just pretty much sucks. I even attempted to bring peace between he and OM, and his response was "I didn't bother reading what you said". Hey, awesome. I am very seriously contemplating leaving every league. What the Hell is the point anymore?

    I would give the league a chance, PA. It's just hard to adjust from something you've known so well. The newer games are very interesting, very complex and detailed.
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    It's definitely not as fun as it used to be. I guess fake life (sim leagues) is like real life...nothing lasts forever or stays the same. Things always change and not always for the better. It's just different.

    I guess I'm the opposite of Porter. For my own sanity and simplicities sake, I'll like to keep it real simple and streamlined in my league. It's not meant to be a "I can't bother" type thing or to cripple people from doing everything they want to. It's meant to keep it simple for everyone, fair for everyone, and fun...not complicated.

    I just don't have the time necessary to really go at it in his OOTP 8 league. I feel like I'm just trading water trying to keep my team full. I'm sure downloading the game and exporting would help, but I just can't be bothered with it. Being in 3 leagues and running 1 league is time consuming.
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    Trendy- it's not actually an issue right now. Hopefully it doesn't present as an issue any further. I can't even be 100% sure someone made a duplicate, but all indications and evidence points to that being a good possibility. Really all we can do right now is watch how things play out but like I said, it doesn't effect HSL. That's why I am keeping it quiet right now between a few mods until we can be sure one way or the other.

    Now, in the past, we were all plagued by the Bon Bon situation. Hooboy.
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    I disagree with you Leo. But that tends to happen often. If you can't respond to a simple message on a site you're logging into for sim leagues anyways..then..whatever. I shouldn't have to go to lengths when WE ALL USE THIS SITE FOR SIM LEAGUES. What do you not understand about that Leo? Seriously. I don't want AIM. I don't want to use Facebook for a sim league. Use the God Damned private messages that exist on this...SITE THAT EVERYONE USES FOR THIS FORUMS.

    Stoney wasn't my issue with that. I'm not getting into names. It's not worth getting into anymore. There's hardly any respect or courtesy in these things.

    You're far from terrible. Unless you meant your breath, PA.
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    I'm terrible.
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    Totally understand where you're coming from. But whose creating duplicate accounts?

    Honestly, running HSL hasn't been too much of a pain. I'm still very much enjoying it (and still getting the hang of it). Believe me, the day I stop enjoying it is the day I'll either pass it on, or shut it down.
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    I agree with the majority of your complaints here, but I don't think the issue regarding trading with familiar partners and familiar partners only is as big as you make it out to be.

    Stoney is one of the biggest "culprits" in that complaint. But I put "culprit" in quotations because it took me all of 20 minutes to get in contact with him and all of another two hours to make a deal with him (Only because I had to wait for him to get off work).

    All I had to do? Contact him on AIM, which you scoff at. If you don't expand your availability you're not going to be as available for trade partners.
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    I have a little CrazyEights in me when it comes to running a league. I never thought id run a league again after HH2003. I've always had respect for guys that commished a long time because the stress my old league brought me. My vision at the time was more than I could handle. OOTP 8 is in my wheelhouse and I think if I took over MSL it wouldn't be good fit. I think 6.5 would have been too simple for my liking. I do have other things in mind when you guys in PSL get the hang of things.
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    Even not being a big comic book or superhero movie guy, in the last few years, I have somehow ended up seeing: The Avengers, Thor, Captain America, X-Men First Class, The Green Hornet, X-Men Wolverine, GI Joe The Rise of Cobra, The Dark Knight, Hancock, The Incredible Hulk, Wanted, all three Spider-mans, both Iron Mans, and both Fantastic Fours. That's a little too much. And now you're telling me there's another Spider-man movie?!?!
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    You're probably fine not subscribing to Showtime, Starz, HBO or AMC even though these have a ton of great original programming. Get them on DVD like you said and you'll do okay catching up that way. I think the best network going right now is FX. Their line-up is high quality and ridiculously diverse. Louie, Wilfred, Archer, Sunny, The League, Justified, SoA are all tremendous. The only one that I haven't caught on with is American Horror Story.
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    It's an okay flick, and a must watch for a big baseball fan. They glossed over way too many things for it to be a "good" movie though.

    I mean, the low-market Indians being portrayed as a big money team when it came to Rincon, come on. And making a big deal about trading for a lefty reliever(that the movie tried to make you believe nobody had heard of) but not even mentioning trading for former all-star Ray Durham? I know it's supposed to be an underdog story, but, meh.

    Good review though, KoZ. The Jonah Hill thing is spot on. I think he and Pitt would have great chemistry in an R-rated action comedy, though.
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    Redsrbetter! Hey man! Long time no see. Hope all is well.
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    Warrior is easily the pick here. Great list brother!
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