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  1. love_that_reefer's Avatar
    I would rather have John Olerud.
  2. Foster's Avatar
    I know it has been only 4 games, a "small sample size", but...
    .615/.684/1.299, with 6 walks.

    Also, would you rather Dwayne Murphy as your hitting coach, or Chad Mottola?
  3. love_that_reefer's Avatar
    I think you are taking this 99 PA thing a little too far and a lot of Saberheads take the "small sample size" thing way too far. Snider has been apart of four seasons now for the Jays and in all four of them, he hasn't shown the ability to be patient at the plate. This is a huge problem and something that should be learned at AAA, not at the MLB level where MLB pitchers will punish him. Snider was around scouts and coaches the whole time so just because we as fans only get to see games, these scouts and coaches are there everyday watching practices and BP sessions. Snider needs to work on things and this season, he was hurting and not helping. He's 23 so he has a great chance of turning things around and by all means isn't a lost cause but there is denying he needs work.
  4. Foster's Avatar

    Wait, what?
  5. realmofotalk's Avatar
    I think it's a real possibility that the Jays finish ahead of the Rays, which replaced Carl Crawford with past-their-primes Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez and somehow the expectation is that the offense (and left field defense) won't skip a beat?
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    For a great breakdown of the line-up the Jays will use this season, the good folks at Getting Blanked provided this...
    Your 2011 Toronto Blue Jays: The Roster Breakdown | Blog Archive | Getting Blanked | Blogs |
  7. love_that_reefer's Avatar
    I think the Jays are in the top three with the A's and Red Sox ahead of them. The Jays did a lot to both compete for this year and to prepare for the future. The Jays have a lot of draft picks coming their way and if the Jays are out of it by the deadline (which I don't see) they can flip a lot of those relievers like Rauch, Frasor and Dotel furthering helping the future. Shedding payroll was huge for this team and will bode well for the future. Its been a great offseason but not the best.
  8. Foster's Avatar
    I like the underrated angle you got there. Especially considering they compete in the AL East, the moves that everyone else made, and the euphoria that resulted.
  9. Kingdom's Avatar
    Not the best, but maybe one of the more underrated off seasons by moving Wells and selling high on Marcum. And Davis is a decent replacement, but I think any time you can get rid of the contract Wells had, it's worth using a Davis/Rivera/Poo Poo Platter in the interim.
  10. Foster's Avatar
    Could be. That was before I found that there were people talking on the internet about baseball.
    J.P. however parlayed the new found savings into what?
  11. realmofotalk's Avatar
    Wasn't it not too long ago that J.P. was hailed as a savior for managing to dump Raul Mondesi's contract onto the Yankees?