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      MLB rules feel like little league

      Thread Starter: Alboogz112

      Need to know how many agree that these new rules that MLB has slowly place in affect are killing the game i love. Seriously who asked them to speed up

      Last Post By: Alboogz112 06-08-2021, 10:10 PM Go to last post
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    • Kingdom

      by Published on 07-17-2008 01:00 AM
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      Welcome to 2008, the final All-Star game Yankee Stadium will see as it continues on with its fairwell tour. So, when it's gone after this season, will it wait till late February to consider a comeback? Do the yankees turn their back on that? Unfortunately, they still air the game on FOX, which only means Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, thorns to my sides or ears in this case. Admist all the whining about the all star game being terrible and the rosters being terrible and wah wah wah, my hat goes off to the increasing amount of young stars being in the game. As Peter Gammons pointed out, thanks to the internet, more people are moving on from the older guys. Longoria and Hart winning the final vote. Cliff Lee starting for the AL. Ryan Braun with an extraordinary amount of votes. Go baseball.

      8:42 PM
      Some Taco Bell commercial featuring the Arizona Diamondbacks with a voice over by Larry the Cable guy, or at least someone who sounds like him. What the hell?

      8:43 PM
      Ad for new show, FRINGE. It'll be gone by episode 4. Then they'll bring it back after a large online petition is signed. And then cancel it after episode 9

      8:45 PM
      National League lineup looks refreshingly exciting. Do you want to face ...
      by Published on 04-21-2008 11:52 PM
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      Part Four: With Madness Comes Milkshakes

      It's a staple of pure imagination, because well know nothing in this tournament would ever happen. It doesn't stop me from creating something of a spectacle in my head. Everything needs brackets and playoffs, life would never be the same without it. Questions I've faced:

      1. Is it hurting you to have the Empire as well as Boston make it this far?

      Realistically, yes, it is. Boston has won two world series in recent memory and I never want to see the yankees win anything, even fake ...
      by Published on 04-12-2008 11:51 PM
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      If you're lost, refer back to the intro and round 1 action here: The Beginning of Madness

      Rob Deere Region

      1 Detroit vs. 4 Atlanta
      Kenny Lofton gets the game 1 start in left after Jacque Jones was the only Tiger without a hit in the first round. He opens up with a triple off Smoltz, when Smoltz soft tosses it over the middle of the plate. Renteria knocks him in, Detroit gains an early lead. Verlander goes on to whiff the Braves left and right, but Smoltz holds his own. Chipper ties it up on a solo shot in the 8th, but Detroit counters in the bottom off Moylan with a swift assault. Sheffield and Cabrera hit moon shots and Zumaya shuts the door. Reports ...
      by Published on 04-09-2008 11:49 PM
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      You wonder how it's possible for a concept, a game, an accepted part of geekdom and fan crazed mania could be a living entity. Perhaps it's just absurd that names and numbers could breathe, but yet somehow it does.
      Fantasy sports will be forever defined by most women as that thing that the men do that
      by Published on 03-27-2008 11:51 PM
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      Mad World

      If you could, start by imagining Bud Selig falling all the way off his rocker one day and decides that there will no longer be a 162 game season. Instead, all 30 teams will be in a tournament played on neutral sites to determine the best of the best. That means every team plays, even the dregs of the world like Baltimore and Florida. Since it's an odd number for a tournament, the top two seeds will be given first round byes. To make it fair, the reigning World Series representatives will get the top seeds. That's Boston and Colorado for those who live in a closet, or downtown New York. Like a college tournament, teams will be broken up into four regions or brackets and play in neutral sites that really hold no homefield advantage for anyone. Yes, we're bringing baseball back to Montreal. And because college ball is King in Omaha, we're invading that city too.

      Now your first question might be, could be, and even if it's not, I'm pretending it's the first and answering it. Even if they're the top of the class, isn't it unfair for teams to have a bye, especially if a series goes to 5? Certainly. It's a good question to bring up and we have decided that in the spare time for Boston and Colorado, they will play Asia's finest. No, not singular teams, but Japan and Chinese allstars in scrimmage like games. They owned in the Baseball Classic, let's just assume they offer up the same competition. Yes, injuries can happen and that's too bad if they do, but let's be honest, injuries could happen in any baseball game. Your next question might be how the seedings happened ...
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