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Thread: Brawling Braves

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    Brawling Braves

    You know, I enjoy a good mano y mano brawl (without anyone getting seriously hurt of course) as much as the next sports fan, but this season's home run whining by the Braves is getting on my nerves. Most especially, Brian McHypocrite, I understand the whole "showboating" and "don't show up my pitcher" thing, but has he ever bothered to actually watch his own teammate Justin Upton???? Talk about a showboater! He has a masters' degree in admiring and lollygagging around the bases during his homers.

    First they plunked Harper after he hit a homer off them, then they went after the kid Fernandez when he hit his first homer and now Gomez. What makes me even more steamed than McHothead blocking the baseline from Gomez is that he wasn't ejected from the game along with Freeman, who is just as much in need of some anger management sessions as McCann. I have liked both of them for many seasons, which is why it is so disappointing to see them acting like a tandem of bullies.

    Gonzalez better say something before one his little Indians gets, if they pull any of this kind of crap against Hanley or Votto in the play-offs.

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    Re: Brawling Braves

    i didnt see the melee yet... i do know that carlos gomez is an arrogant little prick too though. the braves are whiny about it... especially since that night in florida, evan gattis kinda started the whole escapade by admiring his blast... but i dont care much for gomez either, he probably deserved to punched.

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    Re: Brawling Braves

    Reminds me of a similar incident from two years ago involving Gerardo Parra, yet another arrogant little prick.

    Gerardo Parra Flips Out On Hong Chih Kuo, Clayton Kershaw Returns The Favor | Chad Moriyama

    4/20/2011 - GTFO.

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