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Thread: Changes for the immediate future

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    Attention! Changes for the immediate future

    I have previously announced plans in the team leader forum, so I am now going to make this public just to give everyone a heads up.

    Due to things going on in my life, and Porter's life (all good btw), our availability is much different. I can't speak for Porter entirely, but for me, I simply won't be around as much for awhile and at times, I won't really be around at all. Since we are the primary admins in Mission's stable, I have promoted HollywoodLeo to act in our place in the event an admin is needed. Mission is aware of this change and Leo can contact him if there's ever problems with the site or any major issues otherwise.

    It'll be a temporary change but if Leo wants to stay as an admin when things return to normal, he will remain in the fold.

    Which ultimately means, if a new user needs private messaging access or whatever for sim leagues and such, contact Leo and Porter when he has time. I will have next to zero access outside of my cellphone, so I will not be able to perform any admin functions.

    That's all I have for now. Carry on, children.
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    Re: Changes for the immediate future

    My transition between jobs is complete. I officially start my training on Monday morning. For now I'm working 5am-3:30pm M-Th. So most of my time is going to be spent at night. I do wish I could do administration stuff on mobile in an easy manner. I can answer any issues that may arise in PM. But for now for stuff that requires the Administration Panel, ask Leo.
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    Re: Changes for the immediate future

    I can also help out as need be too.

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