Enough is enough!! The Giants need to bring in Barry as a hitting consultant! He has practically begged the front office to let him share his knowledge of the game but to no avail. Giants have young hitters who need help like Belt, Crawford, Sanchez, etc could really use Barry's expertise. Whether it's showing them how to watch film, going through mechanics or whatever, Barry needs to be in the cage with these guys. Meulens and Bochy have no concept of the word patience and it kills me. I don't want the circus of Barry being around the team all the time like a hitting coach would but he needs to be put on retainer and work with the team. He can work with players hours before the game then sit in a skybox and watch his work. No need for him to go on road trips either. There is no excuse for denying one of the best hitters of all time the chance to help!! It's completely unacceptable. Barry wants it, Giants need it!!