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This is just a flawed system. As is people are questioning why a team that won their conference was left out, but had they chose Ohio State or USC over Bama then we'd be wondering why they chose a 2 loss team.

They need 8 teams, all 5 conference champs are auto bids (I don't care if a 5 loss team in a weak division pulls off a shocker, they're in because they won) and then vote in 3 at large teams to appease those that value talent over scoreboard.

If that 3 or 4 loss conference champion isn't as good as that 1 loss team that didn't win the conference then it'll work itself out on the field in the playoffs.

Let's quit deciding champions in the board room and let it be decided on the field as it is in all other organized sports.
They won't do that because there won't be the fire of news over who #9 was compared to who #5. Plus that would extend the number of games limited people would watch. I said a few years ago that the committee exposed itself as getting in the TV darlings with OSU getting in over TCU and Baylor. Also said if one of those teams were Texas or Oklahoma with the same resume OSU could have won 100-0 and it wouldn't matter.